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Hoi An Cycle Tours

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tony Le. I own and run Hoi an Cycle Tours. Having lived my whole life in Hoi an I have a deep understanding of the cultures, traditions and customs of the local people. I have worked in tourism in Hoi an all my working life and during the last 6 years acted as a tour guide for a number of international and local travel companies. My experience as a tour guide includes bus, boat and car tours as well as motorbike, bicycle and walking tours in Hoi an and central Vietnam. As well, I have professional contacts across the whole of Vietnam and Cambodia.

I am passionate about cycle tours. Cycling is the best way to get close to the local people and learn about their way of life, tradition and culture. For this reason I have recently focused more on bicycle tours in and around Hoi an and central Vietnam. These tours provide lots of opportunities for you to experience the local food, agriculture, aquaculture and many arts, crafts and local businesses.

Cycling is environmentally friendly and it helps to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption. This is such an important issue in the Hoi an community that I have committed to donating 10 per cent of my profits to environmental protection activities.

Please allow me to enjoy the pleasure of your company on one of my bike tours. I will be delighted to show you the real Hoi an, my people and our beautiful land.

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